our history

Nordic Gym is an all-Swedish development, manufacturing and sales company. We develop personalized strength training equipment that can be used by everyone; everything from rehabilitation, exercisers, elite and people with functional variations. The company was started in 1980 as Nordic Gym AB, by Benny Eriksson.

Today, Nordic Gym AB is run and owned by Christer Eriksson, European champion in heavyweight bodybuilding in 1983. With his solid knowledge of training, he is now driven by the curiosity to develop the perfect training machines for muscle training. Christer has a dream that all people should be able to train regardless of ability.

The company is based in Bollnäs, and has a nationwide sales and service organization, with 40 years in the industry.

Nordic Gym is an agent and dealer for several established brands such as SportsArt, Monark, Merida, Reebok, Oartec DX, Xenios, Njoord and American barbell. Nordic Gym has a comprehensive range of training equipment and accessories.

Nordic Gym has delivered equipment to more than 3,500 satisfied customers.

Don't lift scrap - Our business concept in three words.