Housing cooperative

Nordic Gym has a wide range of exercise equipment that can be adapted for different tenant-owner associations. The equipment is adapted as needed, local and not least the wallet.

We have extensive experience in adapting the selection of equipment to the wishes and needs of different tenant-owner associations.

We help you, based on the demographics of your association, adapt the selection of equipment to your specific needs.

Local area

It is possible to get many functions even in a small area, but in some cases it is better to maintain airiness in the room. What determines is, for example, what type of visitors the gym will have, how many will train there at the same time and whether the room can be used for other purposes, such as group training or yoga.

Examples of what it might look like when we have designed your facility:

Gym Brf Uppsala – Nordic Gym


Choosing high-quality equipment means durability and minimal maintenance. The gym will function year after year.

We help you

We help you design the perfect gym based on your conditions. Call Magnus on 070 533 15 33 orcontact one of our skilled salesmen.

Previous customers

Some of the tenant-owner associations we have delivered gym solutions to are:

  • BRF 53 Gräslöken, Uppsala

  • BRF Vårregnet, Lund

  • HSB Mitt Bosvedjan, Sundsvall

  • BRF Kvannen, Uppsala

  • BRF Engraving, Solna