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Rowing machine, RowErg


Product description

Over the years, Concept2 RowErg has been named a test winner in a number of recognized magazines around the world. RowErg is created by and for rowers and is used by people of all ages around the world who, regardless of abilities and ambitions, want effective full body training.

RowErg is designed to work smoothly, be easy to maintain and last a lifetime. The comfortable feeling in the rudder is created thanks to the well-balanced flywheel which is braked by the air resistance. RowErg adapts to the force you have in the pull, which means that it is you who controls your perceived effort and resistance throughout the workout.

With each RowErg comes our most advanced Performance Monitor to date, the PM5. The monitor gives you direct response and comparable data after each session. With your PM5, you can use Bluetooth and ANT + to connect both heart rate monitors, training apps and smart watches. The display also makes it possible to participate in wireless races. The free app Concept2 ErgData helps you track your training and can also be synced directly to your Concept2 Online Logbook.

The footplates are easy to adjust and adapt to your shoe size. The handle is designed with a 10 degree bend so that you can row as comfortably as possible with your arms in a natural position.

This comes with your RowErg
- smartphone holder
- performance monitor with a quick start guide
- RowErg product manual
- tools and illustrated assembly instructions