Research Development

As one of the few gym companies, we have our development department and manufacturing in Sweden. Our R&D department works in close collaboration with active elite athletes and researchers in training and health.


Nordic Gym works consistently with advanced biomechanics to create equipment that does exactly what it is designed for, without unnecessary wear and tear on either humans or machines. Each exercise machine undergoes thorough tests to ensure that the biomechanics are completely correct for each exercise movement. The machine must adjust the load in the movement exactly as the muscle strength varies with the movement from elongation of the muscles to full contraction.

In practice, this means that we develop and test all our products to ensure that they give maximum results but with minimal risk of incorrect loads and damage.


Ergonomics in training equipment is as important as biomechanics. We put great effort and accuracy in the development of sitting positions, placement of handle grips and other important parameters. To get the maximum training effect, it is important that the body receives the right support and that you can use, for example, the power of the whole hand throughout the training movement.

Durable for real

Our Swedish-made equipment is of the absolute highest quality. As simple as that. This makes our machines last a long time.

Every detail matters

Those who have sat in our machines are usually amazed at how quiet they are to train in and how soft the movements become. They scratch their heads, go a few laps around the machine and sit in it again. Without having become a little wiser.

We understand them. The time we spent on the machines that we developed together with ergonomists and other experts feels more than it seems. There is an idea behind every detail, from the design of the cam segments to the color choice of the constructions themselves. It is all this together that makes the training so soft and comfortable. And quiet. Someone has even talked about "a silent revolution in the country's gyms". That is not entirely true. We export a lot too.

Thanks to the fact that the curves of the comb segments are biomechanically perfect in our machines, the load increases where the muscles are stronger and it also works the other way around. It gives a feeling that it is just as easy or heavy all the way and makes the training effect maximum.

Another thing that you will discover with our machines are the light weight plates. This makes it possible for people with reduced muscle strength to gradually increase the load, which is not least important in rehabilitation.

The solid fully welded constructions guarantee long life and trouble-free operation.

We use materials and components of the absolute highest quality. High-strength steel from SSAB, own tools for plastic parts, powder coating and no cheap import products.

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